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A classic to rely on

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Industrial installation is tough mechanical work that wear hard on the clothes. That is why Jörgen Olsson, mechanic and partner with GIAB is picky with his work trousers. For him, nothing beats the classic 3-series.

How important is workwear trousers for you?

To us they are very important, you spend long hours in them every day so they have to feel good. We have tried other brands in the past. Some have strange pockets that just don’t work, others wear out too fast. Now we just buy Snickers 3-series. It’s the model everyone likes the best.

What makes it your favourite?

The quality is good, they have really good fit and to us the holster pockets are really valuable. Some of our workers carry a lot of tools like pliers and screwdrivers, so they really get used. And since we do a lot of welding and angle grinding we really appreciate heavy duty cotton fabrics so the trousers don’t get burned so easily. 

Do you have to change trousers often?

Yes, the work is rough and often dirty. Every employee always keeps three pairs that look good and are functioning. Since we buy the same model each time it is easy to remember your size and ask a colleague to pick up a pair if they pass by the store. 

As a company it’s important to look good at work, so we all stay with black. We have been offered deals a nd free workwear sometimes, but turned them down. I guess we’re picky, but we really prefer to wear what we like.

A favourite in comfort, functionality and protection

The 3-series work trousers feature advanced cut with a Twisted Leg™ design, superior knee protection, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and a range of easy-to-access pockets.

With our classic 3-series work trousers you get advanced functionality, along with comfort and protection that you can rely on, in every situation.

Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, with and without holster pockets, to match your needs.

Compare our models to find your favourite!

The 3-series range

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