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Baselayers - Build your warmth from within

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Dressing for the cold is like building a house. You start with a good foundation. Our baselayers are designed to be the ultimate first layer, offering the right warmth and comfort, using breathing materials for ventilation and moisture transport.

Our seamless designs come in 37.5® ventilating fibers as well as polyester and merino wool to fit different type of work in various cold conditions.

Our advanced baselayers come in three different families to cater for variations in cold climate as well as differing levels of physical work intensity.

LiteWork – for an extra active performance

Baselayer garments in the LightWork family feature 37.5® technology for active work where ventilation and moisture transport is top priority.

LiteWork Baselayers

FlexiWork – a revised and updated classic

The popular and classic XTR-line lives on as an updated design with improved functionality. Advanced patterns offer varying warmth and ventilation in different body zones.

FlexiWork Baselayers

FlexiWork Wool – when extra warmth is needed

The combination of wool for warmth and polyamide for strength makes these great baselayers warm and ventilating as well as durable. Extra wool teddy added to spots where extra warmth is needed.

FlexiWork Wool Baselayers

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