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Cheat the wind

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

When the wind starts to blow you'd better watch out. Because even if it's a dry and clear day, the wind makes the temperature plummet quite drastically. However, if you choose the right type of windproof work wear you'll stay warm and comfortable.

cheat the wind

Just as with rainwear, the choice depends on how intensely you're working and how long you stay outdoors. When hard at work, the fabric's breathability is crucial for ventilating your body heat. The longer your working shifts, the tougher the demands on the windproof technology used in the garment.


For reliable windproof protection during less active jobs, the Snickers Workwear Protective Fleece is ideal.


For windproof protection during shorter working shifts, a Snickers Workwear Soft Shell jacket is the perfect choice.


For 100% windproof protection during long and hard working shifts, choose our highly breathable WINDSTOPPER ® Fleece or Soft Shell garments.

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