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Stay warm in the cold

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

To dress warm when it's cold is easy. But to dress right requires more attention. Because when the going gets tough you start sweating. But later, when the pace slows, the moisture your body has created cools and you start to shiver.

What you need is advanced ventilation and the ability to control and regulate the heat from your body. That's exactly what you get if you dress in 3-layers from Snickers Workwear – ensuring outstanding functionality and working comfort.

First, second and third layer.

First layer for moisture transport.

Forget cotton – it absorbs and retains water. Our underwear in soft and comfortable wicking polyester keeps your body warm and dry.

Second layer for insulation.

These garments are designed to insulate by creating a pocket of air around your body – keeping you warm. Choose from our advanced range of micro fleece, fleece, pile and quilt.

Third layer for weather protection.

Here you need reliable wind and water protection. Your garment should be waterproof, breathable, strong and durable. Like our new advanced A.P.S. garments.

Think safe.

Zero_temperaturesStaying warm in the cold is crucial for safety at work. When you are cold your ability to react is hampered, you become less effective and risk making bad decisions. The human organism can adapt to tropical conditions, but it can't acclimatise to cold weather.

The solution is to always protect your body with appropriate clothing – like the Snickers Workwear cold weather garments.

Climate comfort.

With advanced ventilation you can adjust the temperature for optimal comfort. The front zipper is one way, ventilation zippers under the arms is another and so too is being able to adjust the bottom of jackets and trousers.

Remember: a lot of body heat escapes through the head – so use a hat or hood.

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