Explore our all-new concept, comprising different trouser families, each tailored for different needs and types of work. All of them designed for superior working comfort every step of the way.

When challenges keep changing

No matter what workday you face our AllroundWork range is never a bad choice. Combining great fit, hardwearing comfort with advanced functionality you are always dressed for the occasion.


Fast pace at work? Try our new FlexiWork trousers, taking working comfort and flexibility to the extreme. These high-tech work trousers feature body-mapped design and light ventilating stretch fabric, ensuring outstanding freedom of movement. With advanced knee protection, tough Cordura® reinforcements in all the right places and a range of easy-to-access pockets you’re equipped to deliver, always a step ahead.


Stay cool and focused

Get ready for a hotter season. Our LiteWork range of workwear gives you the best in ventilation and moisture transport through the use of revolutionary 37.5® technology. Try it and experience a new kind of cool when the heat is on.


Working hard in demanding environments? Try our new RuffWork trousers, featuring tough design for rough work. These heavy-duty work trousers feature an all-new contemporary design with amazing fit, providing superior comfort and freedom of movement. Count on reinforced functionality for long-lasting protection and working comfort.


Reinforced design, with a contemporary denim look. RuffWork work trousers made of tough yet comfortable Cordura® denim fabric, becoming even more amazing with every wash. Count on all the reinforcements and features you need for hardwearing comfort and protection at work.

RuffWork Denim

We never compromise in quality

Revolutionary features and fabric in new generation workwear. Comfort and functionality were the priorities set for the design team at Snickers Workwear when developing the new product ranges. Stretch textiles, a better fit and a revolutionary fabric that ensures outstanding ventilation are among the latest features.

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37.5® Technology

Top athletes have long enjoyed the benefits of performance wear. Now craftsmen can too. Snickers Workwear is one of the first workwear manufacturers to introduce 37.5® Technology into its clothing.

37.5® Technology for workwear


Our new generation of work trousers went through heaven and hell. Finally, Swedish craftsman Christian Isaksen was satisfied. And so were we.

Read about how it all began in 2013.

You've only got one pair of knees. PROTECT THEM FOR THE FUTURE.

  • 9110 Craftsmen Kneepads

    Efficient and comfortable kneepads for reliable certified knee protection. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).

  • 9111 Service Kneepads

    Comfortable and certified knee protection, ideal if you only kneel down now and again during indoor work on even surfaces. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 0).

  • 9112 D3O Lite™ Craftsmen Kneepads

    The ultimate in comfort, cushioning and protection for your knees. Ventilating kneepads in high-tech D3O Lite™ material. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).

  • 9118 Floorlayer Kneepad

    The floorlayer’s certified knee protection. Kneepads that maintain their shape and position. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1)

  • 9191 XTR D3O® Craftsmen Kneepads

    Active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-absorbing D3O® material for extreme protection and durability. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).