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Get the right length for spring and summer

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

For an airy feeling, fresh air sure is hard to beat. Dress for hot sunny workdays and experience full workwear functionality. In our wide range of workwear shorts and pirates we are confident you will find the right garment for you.

Getting dressed right for the hot season is about balancing your need for ventilation with your need for protection. No matter what fabric you choose, a shorter leg will always be airier than full length work trousers.


Snickers Workwear shorts offer superior cool comfort. But don’t forget our models featuring a pirate leg length. You get increased ventilation while still securing more protection for your skin and your knees – since you still get knee pad pockets and can fit any pair of kneepads that suit your work.

1. Do you need kneepads?

If yes, look at our pirate trousers. If not, shorts are an option.

2. Choose workwear with functions that suits your needs.

Get the right functionality. Look out for your favourite pockets and features. 

3. Last but not least - style

Choose the colour, style and fabric you'd like to wear at work.

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Enjoy sunny summer days at work dressed in Snickers Workwear pirates. You’ll get the same functionality as regular work trousers. Check out our full range!

Check out our pirates!


Air Condition is a blessing in the summer. So we created shorts and pirates to offer you breezy cool when the heat is on. Check out our full range!

Check out our shorts!

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