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Revolutionary features and fabric in new generation workwear

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Comfort and functionality were the priorities set for the design team at Snickers Workwear when developing the new product ranges. Stretch textiles, a better fit and a revolutionary fabric that ensures outstanding ventilation are among the latest features.


In 2015, Snickers Workwear launched its next generation of clothing – the result of the company’s most extensive development programme so far. After three years of development, four new product ranges were finally launched for different needs and different types of work: RuffWork, FlexiWork, LiteWork and AllroundWork. During 2016, new jackets, accessories and two pairs of trousers will be introduced.


❝This is a totally new concept and a completely new way of thinking❞

Nicole Rimér, Head of Design at Snickers Workwear, says: “This is a totally new concept and a completely new way of thinking in our industry that will make it much easier to choose the workwear that suits the demands of your profession. In addition, all the garments we will launch to complement the trousers will be optimised to ensure they work really well together.”


Electrician Matti Viio, who founded Snickers Workwear over 40 years ago, lost his temper one day over the bad quality of his work clothes. He left work and went home to develop his own workwear, to make life better for professional craftsmen by meeting their unique needs for advanced functionality, protection and comfort. By doing this, he laid the foundations for the company that invented modern workwear.

Henry Lundberg, R&D Manager at Snickers Workwear, says: “He set a whole new standard for the entire industry. Just like Matti Viio, we’re still extremely dedicated to leading the development of cutting-edge workwear. The new product range is definitely a result of this.”

The company philosophy instilled by Viio over 40 years ago remains the same: “Either we do it well or we don’t do it at all,” Lundberg says. “And we never compromise on quality. We believe that workwear can make a huge difference to the outcome of what you do. So our goal is not only to make the job of the craftsman easier; we are here to enable them to fully focus on the work at hand and thus become better at what they do.”

“We’ve used all the knowledge and technology leadership that we’ve gatheredover 40 years in this business. But most importantly, we’ve talked to a lot of craftsmen to get their views on their workwear
and what they have been missing, and we’ve done a lot of testing to give us the real-time user experience.”


More than 400 weeks of testing went into developing the new Snickers Workwear trousers. The test pilots involved over 50 craftsmen, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters and floor layers. Together, they tested more than 200 different pairs of trousers.

“When it comes to the material, we tested five different fabrics before we were satisfied.” Lundberg says, “That’s the benefit of these tests: putting the trousers through real-time usage so that we can
adjust them accordingly.”

Thanks to the extensive testing and the advanced design work, the new Snickers Workwear trousers have several new and improved features to increase both comfort and functionality, including stretch fabric, smart ventilation and the patented KneeGuard Pro, which is Snickers Workwear’s new generation of advanced knee protection.

Rimér says: “The stretch fabric and modern design with curved legs enable a great fit and freedom of movement, making it easy for craftsmen to change from a standing to a kneeling position.” To benefit from maximum comfort and functionality, picking the right size of trousers is crucial. This is why Snickers Workwear offers trousers in 71 different sizes: one of the widest ranges in the industry.


Pattern designer Jessica Lindström says: “Getting the right size will enable you to feel the full potential of the comfort and freedom of movement. It’s also a safety matter because if you don’t have the right size, your kneepads will not stay in the right position. “A perfect size will ensure that everything from reinforcements to insulation and ventilation end up in the right place.

Snickers Workwear’s website has a size generator to help you find your correct size, but it’s important to remember that you always need to try clothes on. "The new Snickers Workwear product ranges also include 37.5® Technology, which has previously been used mostly for outdoor garments and sports clothing. It has active particles deeply embedded into the fibres to ensure faster drying and more efficient cooling of the body, and these never wash out."

Lundberg says: “We’re really proud to be one of the first manufacturers to introduce 37.5® Technology in workwear. With its unique features, it improves comfort even further.”


To make it easier for customers to invest in the right gear, Snickers Workwear has developed four different product ranges:

✱ RuffWork – designed for tough jobs in rough environments.

✱ FlexiWork – extremely flexible, high-tech clothes in stretch fabric for maximum freedom of movement.

✱ LiteWork – featuring 37.5® Technology to ensure outstanding ventilation.

✱ AllroundWork – the ultimate choice for everyday work in all kinds of environments.

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