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Clay builder with sustainable ambitions

We’re in an old limestone house in the village of Kastlösa on the island of Öland, Sweden. In the attic, Hanna Nilsson is smacking clay onto a brick. As a recently graduated architect, she dreamed of helping the construction sector to be more sustainable. And that’s exactly what happened. But not in the way she imagined.

Meet Hanna Nilsson

Åre Timmerhus

New houses. Old techniques.

The winters in Åre, Sweden are long and cold. Yet Isak Stålenhag and his colleagues at Åre Timmerhus work outside the year round building log houses. Dressing right is a necessity to make it possible.

Meet Åre Timmerhus

Save your knees

Meet Björn Ödén, mechanic on heavy vehicles.

Wear out your kneepads not your knees

A classic to rely on

Meet Jörgen Olsson, mechanic and partner with GIAB.

The favourite work trousers