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Putting stretch to the test

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Irish electrician Liam Cunningham uses work wear as a way to build his own brand. When we involved him in the development process of the 6241 AllroundWork Stretch Work trousers, he was amazed. Not only by how smart they made him look, but also of the stunning flexibility and the comfy feel.

– They are so smooth I barely feel them. It´s almost as if they are part of my body, Liam says.

"Initially, I was worried that the slim fit might be a problem in attics and other cramped places. It is actually the other way around. The trousers have different types of stretch fabric in various parts of the garment to help you where it´s needed. For example, the 4-way stretch-fabric at the waistline and back of the legs that give you extra mobility."

“These trousers offer a completeness not often seen.”

But that´s not the only reason why they have become your favourites?

"True, there is also a more superficial approach. Irish craftsmen, especially the younger ones, don’t settle for work wear that doesn’t provide on-the-job safety, protection and functionality. A modern, body-mapping design is just as important. These trousers offer a completeness not often seen."

Why has appearance become important in an industry that’s all about getting dirty?

"At Elite Electrical, we use work wear as a way to build our brand. To look good has become a competitive advantage. These new trousers make me look smart and presentable in a way that make fellow craftsmen on building sites all around the island stop and ask me where I got them."

Would you say that the trousers are stylish at the expense of function?

"I wouldn´t, no. The features with the distinguishing “Snickers-smartness” are all there: The vital hang out pockets for all my small screws, the phone pocket, the knife fastener and last – but not least – the KneeGuard Pro with expansion pleats, keeping my kneepads in optimum position for superior protection. Without the right knee pad placement it´s a bad day at work!"

“We use work wear as a way to build our brand”

When talking about your work wear wardrobe, it sounds like you buy exclusively from Snickers Workwear?

"Yes, and I must add one more obvious reason to the equation, the durability. For 30% more money, I get 100-200% more out of a pair of Snickers Workwear trousers. Lots of bang for the buck, I´d say."

profile Liam Cunningham

Age: 32
Family: Girlfriend and a dog
Works as: Electrical contractor at Elite Electrical in Walkinstown, Dublin12, Ireland.
Years in the business: 15
Company motto: “To treat every job with the care and attention it would receive as if it were our own”.

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