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Stretch your limits

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Stretch is added to our workwear to maximize the movability of the body. It is also added to specific areas of the garment to facilitate ventilation and comfort. One thing we are sure of is that stretch is here to stay. Let’s take a closer look at stretch fabrics and how they can be used and mixed to optimize comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

experience a new level of working comfort

The general idea behind using stretch in workwear is to maximize the movability of the body. Using stretch fabrics in our garments means we can tailor them to a slimmer fit when needed. In addition, it also makes the workwear much more comfortable to wear. When you put on our full stretch set, for example, it feels almost like a second skin. The clothes do not constrain your movements – on the contrary, they follow your every move.

2-way stretch

The 2-way stretch only stretches in one direction and is used for garments demanding a bit more flexibility, but at the same time keeping the robust look and feel.

Stretch Trousers

The AllroundWork Stretch Work Trousers are plain work trousers but with stretch characteristics. They have the basic features that characterize Snickers Workwear and, of course, the same high quality as our other workwear. The trousers are made with a combination of 2-way stretch twill and 4-way stretch in selected details to provide optimal fit, comfort and freedom of movement.

The stretch work trousers flirt with our classic 3-series work trousers, in that the twill structure, leg pockets and holster pockets build on the 3-series design. The big change is the fit and the addition of stretch – giving the trousers a slimmer look and better flexibility.

4-way stretch

The 4-way stretch offers maximum flexibility in every direction. For our hybrid garments we have chosen the 4-way stretch, double weave technique for a more durable result.

Hybrid garments

Our workwear in full stretch follows the body’s movements perfectly. It has a unique combination of advanced stretch materials to guarantee great fit and soft comfort, being the optimal choice for outdoor work that demands maximum freedom of movement.

Thanks to the softshell stretch fabric, the garments can cope with challenging weather such as wind and lighter rain. When we mix it up with a double weave stretch fabric, the garment also offers enhanced breathability. This is exactly what we want to achieve with our hybrid garments – by using a combination of materials we can optimize the function.

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Slim fit work trousers

Stretch work trousers in stretch. Strategically placed 4-way stretch at the back and gusset in crotch for extra flexibility and comfort.

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Softshell stretch trousers

High-end trousers made of Schoeller® softshell 4-way stretch fabric for exceptional flexibility and function.

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