Gear up for extreme mobility

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

You know the drill. Always on the move. From the car to the workplace, from one spot to another. When you need that special tool you need it now. In essence, you want easy access to your tools at all times.

That's what the new generation of tool bags and belts from Snickers Workwear is all about. Designed with cutting-edge ergonomics and functionality for extreme mobility at work.

Tool Carrier

Smart tool carrying.

With our pioneering Flexi Tool Bag/Backpack, you can carry your essential tools on your back – leaving your hands free for other things or for safely climbing a ladder.

Durable materials.

The Flexi Tool Bags and Tool Bag/Backpacks feature robust rubber-clad aluminium handles. The hardwearing bottoms in rubber-plastic reduce the risk of leaving marks on the floor and prevent the tool bags from sliding around in the car.

Easy access to your tools.

Count on superior overview and access to your tools. All Flexi Tool Bags and Tool Bag/Backpacks feature tool loops, compartments, elastic cords, multi-purpose pockets and dedicated holders for your cordless drill.

XTR – the ultimate ToolBelt.

Our new advanced XTR Toolbelt takes mobile tool carrying to yet another level. It features a unique pocket attachment system that allows you to place the durable leather pouches exactly where you want them.

Imagecaption=Flexi Tool Bag

The hard-wearing Flexi Tool Bag features ergonomically curved design for convenient carrying along the side of your body.

Imagecaption=XTR ToolbeltThe new XTR Toolbelt is available in two special versions, for carpenters and electricians.

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