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Workwear designed for Women

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

The Snickers Workwear women's range is all about one thing; uncompromised functionality, working comfort and protection, specifically designed for women.

Take our work trousers for example, they feature a low woman's cut, Twisted Leg™ design and Snickers Gusset™ in the crotch for a modern female fit and maximum freedom of movement.

Freedom of movement

The Snickers Workwear women's range features advanced design for a contemporary female fit with outstanding freedom of movement.

Low cut waist

Female fit

Every garment in our women's range is cut specifically for women. Our advanced work trousers, for example, feature a low cut waist and a perfect fit for the female form.

Functionality at work

Designed for women – without compromising on functionality. Hook and loop fastener, front and holster pockets, ruler pocket and a mobile phone compartment ensure that you have every­­thing you need within easy reach.

Certified knee protection

Working on your knees takes its toll. That's why our work trousers and kneepads with the patented KneeGuard™ positioning system give you the most advanced, certified knee protection available. So you can protect yourself today – and save your knees for tomorrow.

Low-cut waist

Our advanced 3-series women's work trousers feature a low-cut waist and a perfect fit for the female form.

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