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Below you find the latest news from Snickers Workwear.

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  • Rip-Stop Shorts

    PERFECT FOR HARD WORK ON HOT DAYS Just in time for spring, Snickers Work Wear launches a pair of shorts in Rip-Stop material. Thin work shorts keep the craftsman cool even on warm weather days.…

  • Nice-looking undergarments that keep you cool and dry

    Snickers Workwear launches a follow up to the XTR-underwear success and now presents a new T-shirt and briefs in the same comfortable, high-tech material. First layer is as much about keeping cool in…

  • Flame resistant work clothes

    Snickers Workwear now launches a new collection of flame resistant work clothes, making the craftsman's job both safer and more efficient. All garments also offer the same comfort, as expected by…

  • Windstopper keeps cold out and regulates heat

    Now Snickers Workwear launches a Soft Shell Jacket and a Fleece Jacket in Windstopper-material, resistant to cold and absolutely wind proof. It also features a unique breathable quality keeping the…

  • Snickers Workwear’s ultimate Allweather Jacket

    All craftsmen can prepare for the rainy and windy days of autumn with the new XTR Gore-Tex Allweather Jacket from Snickers Workwear. Developed for harsh conditions the jacket also transports moisture…

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