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Snickers Workwear expands the fleece collection

Snickers Workwear - Ireland

Snickers Workwear expands its fleece collection – offers 37.5® Technology garments in all layers.

GARMENTS FOR Ideal core body temperature

Garments with 37.5® Technology work to maintain an ideal core body temperature, keeping craftsmen dry, comfortable and in great shape. For Spring/Summer 2019, Snickers Workwear is launching a new mid-layer fleece jacket featuring this innovative fibre technology in both a men’s and a women’s version: 8004 AllroundWork, 37.5® Technology Fleece Jacket and 8017 AllroundWork, 37.5® Technology Women’s Fleece Jacket.

37.5® Technology in all layers

This means you can now dress in highly functional 37.5® Technology garments all the way from the inside and out, since Snickers Workwear already offers 37.5® Technology base layer and outer layer items – ensuring cooling comfort during your entire workday. The new fleece jacket can be worn as an outer layer in mild temperatures and as an insulating middle layer in cold conditions.

Published 13 March 2019.

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