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Staying dry and comfortable in the rain is all about choosing the right type of workwear for the job. With the Snickers Workwear Active Climate System you can choose between three different types of rainwear.

For long rainy days, the cutting-edge performance of our 100% waterproof, windproof and highly breathable GORE-TEX® garments are the obvious choice. If you mainly work shorter shifts in rainy weather, our advanced all-weather garments in A.P.S. fabric will keep you covered. And for less active jobs, when ventilation is not as crucial, our PU garments are ideal.


For quick and reliable protection during intense rain or stationary jobs, choose our PU garments.

For water penetration there are 3 classes, where Class 2 requires Wp (water pressure) ≥ 8000 Pa and Class 3 requires Wp ≥ 13000 Pa. Class 1 requires the same as Class 2, but without pre-treatment.