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Service Line

An advanced range of garments designed specifically to deliver a top quality service and company image that your customers will remember. 

Snickers Workwear Service Line uses on-site measurement, personalise packaging and labelling for internal distribution. The right workwear and right fit is guaranteed for all members of your workforce.

To receive more information or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives please contact us on 01 409 8400.

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Keeping you cool and beating the heat

Ever felt like a polar bear in the desert? Make sure to check out our LiteWork range featuring revolutionary 37.5® technology for the best in moisture transport and ventilation. dvanced functionality and great materials ensures cool and dry working comfort no matter what the weather conditions are.

Check out our LiteWork Collection!

Equipped for any task at hand

Is every day a different job? Look no further than our AllroundWork range of advanced workwear. Combining everyday comfort with hardwearing reinforcements and advanced functionality it’s the optimal choice for a craftsman facing a multitude of ever changing challenges.

Check out the AllroundWork Collection!