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If there’s one thing that holds true for almost all craftsmen and craftswomen, it’s the repetitive movement of bending down and working on your knees. That means that knee problems are a common occurrence amongst trade professionals, and one of the best ways to avoid them is to always use certified kneepads. Read on to find out more about our knee protection.

Certified knee protection systems

At Snickers Workwear we’ve developed two innovative kneepad systems, KneeGuard™ and SquareFit™. These exclusive systems ensure that your kneepads are always optimally positioned in the knee pockets of your trousers. Always look for the KneeGuard™ or SquareFit™ symbols on your trousers and kneepads to match them correctly.

This also means that a correct trouser size and fit are essential for perfect kneepad positioning. If your trousers are too short or too long, your kneepad placement will follow accordingly. And you could then risk knee injury.

The KneeGuard™ System

This symbol pairs KneeGuard™ kneepads with matching trousers.

This positioning system means that all of our designated KneeGuard™ kneepads and trousers work together. And we’ve accomplished that with a series of small, yet innovative kneepad pocket details.

Adjustable kneepads for optimal protection

  1. Extra darts on our pockets allow them to expand without compromising on fit.
  2. Pleats above the knees allow for extra flexibility during use.
  3. Six bartacks hold your kneepads in place, two for height and four for centering.
  4. Your kneepads can be adjusted between two different heights for optimal positioning.

KneeGuard™ kneepads

The SquareFit™ System

This symbol pairs SquareFit™ kneepads with matching trousers.

This easy-to-use positioning system with large kneepad pockets allows all of our designated SquareFit™ kneepads and trousers to work together.

SquareFit kneepads

Kneepads that fit your job

Every tool needs to fit the job at hand, and your kneepads are absolutely no exception. Our two SquareFit™ kneepads are purposefully developed for working long hours on your knees, and for floorlaying specifically. And if you’re a carpenter, painter, or general construction worker, we have a number of KneeGuard™ kneepads that can help you get the job done.

Choose the kneepads that best meet your requirements according to the usage chart below.

Changing your kneepads

How often should you change your kneepads? Well, as with anything related to workwear, the rate you wear something out depends on a number of very different factors. That’s why when we look at product longevity, it’s easier to follow some simple rules of thumb than specific lengths of time.

As far as kneepads are concerned, if they don’t expand after you’ve applied pressure, well then it’s pretty safe to say that they should be retired. Checking the “bounce” of your kneepads is something you should make a habit of doing when you remove them before washing your trousers.

Another simple rule of thumb is to never reuse an old pair of kneepads in a new pair of trousers. Or even better yet, when you get a new pair of work trousers, always get a new pair of kneepads to go with them. In these ways, you can be sure to always have functional knee protection.

Certified according to EN 14404

EN 14404 is an accredited standard of knee protection for work in a kneeling position. Our KneeGuard™ and SquareFit™ systems are certified only when used with the correlating Snickers Workwear trousers. Our kneepads are not certified when used with other brands or garments.

Materials to kneel on

As a leader in knee protection, we closely collaborate with some of the PPE industry’s leading researchers and developers. One such partner is the British-based brand D3O®. Innovative D3O® technology is used in four of our most popular kneepads, providing exceptional impact protection and shock absorption, as well as an even pressure distribution. Our 9169 D3O® Ergo Craftsmen Kneepads even won a coveted Red Dot award for product design in 2020.

We also offer certified flame-retardant kneepads according to EN ISO 14116. Made with 100% EPDM rubber and laminated with CORDURA® for extra durability, our 9116 ProtecWork Kneepads FR are truly designed for some of the most hazardous work environments on the planet.

To sum it up, if you work on your knees, you should be working on kneepads. Proper, certified knee protection is a basic piece of personal protective equipment. So avoid unnecessary knee injuries by always wearing certified kneepads from Snickers Workwear.

Kneepad checklist

  1. Get the right kneepad for your job – check our usage chart.
  2. Choose kneepads and trousers from the same system – KneeGuard™ or SquareFit™.
  3. Check your kneepads regularly – change them if necessary.