“We want to challenge the industry”

He is the development manager pushing boundaries to be at the forefront, who never wants to stop creating smart workwear and who has been passionate about Snickers Workwear for 15 years.


Henry Lundberg

With great strides, two steps at a time, Henry Lundberg climbs the stairs to Snickers Workwear’s head office. He is here with colleagues (while practising social distancing) to iron out the last few details prior to a launch.

“My enduring passion for the Snickers brand is due to the company’s vision for continuously improving the products, as well as to my colleagues. Like me, they are distinctively competitive people who like to question things and push boundaries. This is what ensures that we are at the forefront and that our garments make a difference for users and their performance.” Henry clearly remembers how encumbering wearing the wrong clothing can be. “As a child, I trained for cross-country skiing in normal clothes, since functional garments did not exist back then. I was always freezing. Perhaps it was that experience that resulted in me dedicating my whole career to the clothing industry and made me very eager to develop clothes that improve the workday experience.”

Owing to development team’s aspiration to invent new, revolutionary materials able to be used for smart workwear, it’s no wonder that they get as many as 50 craftsmen to test a prototype. Or that they explore little-known materials, such as coconuts and volcanic sand, in the hope of solving a problem with fabrics that absorb moisture and only start working when the wearer begins to perspire.

“I was always freezing. Perhaps it was that experience that resulted in me dedicating my whole career to the clothing industry.”

The shirt Henry is wearing today, the new product 8521, like all other garments in the range, is based on a specific challenge – as a craftsman having to hurry from a construction site to a tender meeting while still looking presentable.

“This is a thin, stretchy and breathable shirt in a material that consists partly of recycled nylon and does not crease. It will be a tool I will also use when I can start travelling again after the pandemic. Even though I have flown 14 hours, have been sitting on a crowded train and in a taxi without AC, I will look presentable and freshly ironed when I arrive at my meeting. But until then, it will mostly be used here in the office, during the spring mountain hike and when I climb and prune apple trees in my summer garden. Which I can’t wait to do!”

Henry Lundberg

Years at Snickers Workwear: 15

Job title: Sales Developer Manager

Best thing about my role: Tackling challenges together with talented colleagues and competent managers under fantastic ownership characterised by precision and innovation.