We are empowered to make changes, to build on our strengths while identifying areas where we can make improvements, and to take action. We have mapped our sustainability priorities into these three areas: Our Production, Our Products and Our Impact. Our sustainability efforts are focused primarily on these fields, which are often interconnected.

Our future priorities

Our sustainability efforts are focused into three areas; Our Production, Our Products and Our Impact.

Better sourcing for better cotton

On track towards 80% more sustainable cotton by 2023.

Code of Conduct - Teaming up with factories

Teaming up with factories to sustain fair labour practices and safe working conditions.

Taking our climate commitments up a level

Reviewing our business practices and product life cycles to become a more sustainable company.

Sustainable alternatives to current materials – Turning waste into workwear

Reusing raw materials that are already in our production.

Committed to making conscious cotton choices

We address our cotton sourcing in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Solution dyed - Less water, chemicals and energy. More precise and consistent colours

Our latest sustainability report

Core principle - Integrating sustainable practices throughout the whole value chain