Better sourcing for better cotton

Snickers Workwear sources sustainable cotton through the initiative named Better Cotton. In this way, we support sustainable cotton practices that are better for the environment it grows in, the farmers who grow it, and the cotton sector’s future on a whole.

We have our sights firmly set on sourcing 80% of our cotton as sustainable cotton by 2023. And we’ve made great strides towards achieving that goal. After just three short years, we’re now sourcing 64% of our total yearly cotton uptake via Better Cotton.

In addition to our strides in sourcing, an estimated 427 235 cubic metres of water were saved in 2021 thanks to our work with Better Cotton. To put that number into perspective, it’s the contents of 170 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

2021 also produced an estimated €185,822 in additional profit to Better Cotton farmers. These profits come from improved practices such as the optimised use of irrigation, pesticides, and fertilizers, and result in increased yields.

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