Make your outerwear last longer

Restore the waterproof qualities of your old and worn outerwear with 9912 Wash-In Textile Waterproofing by OrganoTex®.

Snickers Workwear and the Swedish greentech brand OrganoTex® have jointly launched a wash-in textile waterproofing treatment for outerwear. This new product can extend the longevity of the waterproof or water-repellent qualities of applicable* garments.

Snickers Workwear is well-known for inventing functional and durable clothing for craftsmen and craftswomen across the globe. The longevity and durability of our products is central not only to our core business, but our sustainability efforts as well. The longer our workwear lasts, the less environmental impact they have.

Maria Schartau, the CSR Coordinator at Snickers Workwear, has stated that ”We’re constantly working to push the development of sustainability practices in the workwear industry forward. And as OrganoTex® is a world-leader in PFAS-free and biodegradable textile waterproofing, it’s only natural that we’ve collaborated with them on this product.”

9912 Wash-in Textile Waterproofing from Snickers Workwear is available at selected retailers across Europe. Following usage instructions carefully, a single wash will renew water-repellency, for long-lasting sustainability.

*The treatment is not to be used on flame-retardant protective wear or other garments certified to PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 category III.

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