Leather Long Tool Pouch

Durable and sustainable long tool pouch designed for everyday use. The flexible tool carrier is built with vegetable tanned waste leather and offers easy access to various tools. Attach to the tool holder system or belt.

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Black - 0400

Leather Long Tool Pouch

Long tool pouch that provides easy access to various long tools. Made from vegetable tanned waste leather, the sustainable tool pouch is durable to withstand the wear and tear from everyday use. In addition, the pouch features a hole at bottom to fit long and narrow tools such as screwdrivers. Attaches easily to belt or tool holder. Made in Sweden from European origin leather.

  • Vegetable tanned leather
  • European origin leather produced in Sweden
  • Long design for versatile tool carrying
  • Hole at bottom to fit screwdrivers etc.
  • Easy access