High Vis

Being instantly seen and discovered can be a life-saver in hazardous work environments. High-visibility clothing is a vital part of personal protection when working in dim light conditions. Snickers Workwear collection of high vis garments offers a diverse choice of functionality and comfort.

High vis workwear – classes and safety

High vis workwear helps keep you safe when working in low light environments. Snickers Workwear offers a wide range of high vis clothing in Ireland to ensure that you can be highly visible in all seasons. Our collection includes high vis jackets, high vis trousers, high vis vests, hi vis hoodies, hi vis t-shirts and more.


High vis clothing is grouped into three safety classes, based on the levels of visibility provided. The size of your garment can affect the classification, since larger sizes can have larger visible areas. For example, a pair of hi vis trousers can be either Class 1 or Class 2, depending on size. If you wear smaller sizes, you can achieve higher safety classification by combining several garments. To achieve hi vis Class 3, choose a Class 3 jacket or combine 2 or more classified garments.

Yellow or orange high vis clothing?

Fluorescent yellow high vis clothes have higher luminance and can appear brighter. But for high visibility, contrast can be just as important as brightness. For example, orange hi vis contrasts better with backgrounds such as snow or a blue sky. Find out more about how to stay safe in high vis workwear.